Prof. dr. ing. Marian Ivan

   Departamentul Geofizica

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Course Notes

  1. Marian IVAN, 2004, Seismology – Elements of digital data processing (in Romanian), Univ. of Bucharest;
  2. Marian IVAN, 1998, Theoretical Mechanics (in English), Univ. of Bucharest;
  3. Marian Ivan, 1996, Seismology / Theoretical Foundations (in Romanian), Univ. of Bucharest;
  4. Marian IVAN, 1994, Magnetic Prospecting (in Romanian), Univ. of Bucharest.
  5. An accurate source – code (GNU FORTRAN) for SKS splitting analyses is available by request.


  • MSc in Mathematics (University of Bucharest, 1993, S.d.P.);
  • PhD in Geophysics (University of Bucharest, 1993);
  • MSc in Geophysics and Geology (University of Bucharest, 1980, S.d.P./RO).

Teaching : Gravity & Magnetics ; Seismology.

Scientific interest:

  • crustal thickness in Vrancea from S -> P converted waves (time domain / not RFs);
  • Pn & Sn maps in Vrancea and adjacent area;
  • attenuation of seismic waves;
  • anisotropy / SK(K)S splitting;
  • slowness tomography of diffracted phases;
  • PKiKP-PKIKP differential times tomography of the Uppermost Inner Core

Indice Hirsch = 6

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Associate Editor (Solid Earth)  ACTA GEOPHYSICA

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